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A very successful second Parkes Foundation Conference on Reproduction and Adaptation was held in Cambridge in 2007. The proceedings of the conference were published by Cambridge University Press in 2011.


1. Reproduction and adaptation
Alan McNeilly (MRC Human Reproductive Science Unit, UK)

2. Genetic damage and male reproduction
Michael Joffe (Imperial College, UK)

3. The microenvironment in health and cancer of the mammary gland
John Wiebe (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

4. The energetic cost of physical activity and regulation of reproduction
Darna Dufour (Colorado University at Boulder, USA)

5. Energetic cost of gestation and lactation in humans
Prakash Shetty (Southampton University, UK)

6. Adaptive maternal, placental and fetal responses to nutritional extremes in the pregnant adolescent: lessons from sheep
Jacqueline Wallace (The Rowett Institute, UK)

7. Growth and sexual maturation in human and non-human primates: a brief review
Phyllis Lee (University of Stirling, UK)

8. The evolution of post-reproductive life: adaptationist scenarios
Lynette Leidy Sievert (University of Massachusetts, USA)

9. Analysing the characteristics of the menstrual cycle in field situations in humans: some methodological aspects
Jean-Christophe Thalabard, Laurence Joubin, Lyliane Rosetta (CNRS, France) and Nicholas Mascie-Taylor (University of Cambridge, UK)

10. An insidious burden of disease: the pathological role of sexually transmitted diseases on fertility
Geoffrey Garnett (Imperial College, UK)

11. Family planning and safe abortion
Anna Glasier (NHS Lothian Family Planning Service, UK)

12. Global sexual and reproductive health: responding to the needs of adolescents
Molly Secor-Turner, Linda Bearinger, Renee Sieving (University of Minnesota, USA)

13. Understanding reproductive decisions
Andrew Hinde (University of Southampton, UK)



Other Publications

The First Parkes Foundation Workshop, Oxford, January 1994

"Human Adaptability - Past, Present, and Future"

Human Adaptability

Edited by Professor Stanley Ulijaszek and Professor Rebecca Huss-Ashmore, Oxford University Press, 1997


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