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The Foundation

The Parkes Foundation exists as an independent grant-making charity, providing funds to help postgraduate students undertaking research in the interdisciplinary field of biosocial science, and organising Workshops on related topics, and the publication of the proceedings.


Sir Alan S. Parkes, FRS (1900-1990)


Student Grants

Each year, the foundation considers awarding around 6-8 small grants (maximum £1000 each) and 1 PhD grant (maximum £3000) to help Masters and PhD students conduct research.

The list of Parkes Foundation Grant awardees for 2019 is now released. [see details]

Information for 2020 grant applications will be announced in February 2020 and the application process will open in March 2020.


The Geoffrey Harrison Prize Lecture 2019

Professor Geoffrey A. Harrison (1927-2017)

The Parkes Foundation invites nominations for the 2019 Geoffrey Harrison Prize Lecture on human/biosocial sciences, to be given in Oxford on Friday 8th November 2019.

The closing date for nominations is Friday 14th June 2019.

See here for details

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